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Awards Presented by the Champaign County ACLU for
Local Civil Liberties Work

Chalmers Award

In honor of W. Ellison Chalmers
For extraordinary service, in the
cause of Civil Rights and Civil
Liberties, to the community.
Norton Award

In honor of Horace W. Norton.
For service to the Champaign
County ACLU Chapter.

Stone Award

In honor of Victor Stone
For lifetime achievement
in supporting Civil
1984 John Lee Johnson Victor Stone  
1985 Henrietta DeBoer James Ayres  
1986 Esther Patt Tom Page  
1987 Shirley Stillinger Thelma Chalmers  
1988 Dr. Elsie Field Gene Gilmore  
1989 Brian Savage Anne Martel  
1990 Steven Beckett Carole Appel  
1991 Charlene Teters and
James Thomas
1992 George Bell    
1993 Helen Satterthwaite Mark McClees and
Eric Fisher
1994 Womens's Health Practice Tom Betz  
1995 Jenny Putman    
1996 Malcolm Barnes and
Steve Shoemaker
Joan Severns Thelma Chalmers
1997 Joan Larsen Klein and
Bettina Aten
  Victor Stone
1998 Herb Stevens Stuart Laird Vashti McCollum
1999 Mary Lee Sargent   Harold Baker
2000 Rachael Dietkus Charles McIntyre Shirley Stillinger
2001 Carol Spindel and
Jay Rosenstein
  Jim Holiman
2002 Kimberley Kranich U of I Student Chapter Harry Hilton
2003   Stan Levy  
2004 Nancy Cantor Hiram Paley Clarence Shelley
2005 Brooke Anderson   Senator Dick Durbin
2006     John Lee Johnson
2007 Sandra Ahten    
2008   Rachel Dietkus Robert McChesney
2009 Kate Gorman Steven and Esther Portnoy  
2010 Barbara Kessel William Brown  
2011   C. Ward Henson Hiram Paley
2013 Karen Bush   Belden Fields
2014   Esther Patt Naomi Jakobsson
2017 CU Immigration Forum   Laurel Prussing
2020 Champaign Bailout Coalition Carol Spindel and
Richard Schnuer
2022 Carol Spindel and
Richard Schnuer
Esther Patt