Of Champaign County


February 3, 2005


Present:  Bill Brown, Ward Henson, Gary Peters, Carol Spindel, Brian Isslieb, Roger Clark, Rachel Dietkus, Susan Cohen, Kristin Solberg; and, Maeve Anderson, Nellie Waddell, Jim Adler, all members of the Student ACLU branch.


Absent With Notice:            Allan Levy, Stan Levy, Stuart Laird, Rocky Maffit, Shirley Stillinger, Harry Hilton, Josh Rohrscheib, Jay Rosenstein, Esther Patt, and Steve Shoemaker.


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. 


Approval of Minutes:


The minutes were approved by motion duly made, seconded, and approved.




A.         Illinois State Bill 3186, banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, passed both the House and Senate by a slim margin.


B.         Crue v. Aiken:   Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court finding unconstitutional University of Illinois’ gag on faculty and students speaking to prospective student athletes and affirmed ACLU attorney fee award against University of Illinois in the amount of $225,000.00.  An additional $125,000.00 was recently awarded to ACLU by the District Court for attorney fees incurred on the Appeal.


C.         The connection between Provena Behavioral Health and Mental Health of Champaign County has been severed.


D.         Expectations of ACLU’s student branch’s anticipated receipt of $10,000.00 from UI SORF funding organization for sponsorship of Richard Clarke’s Foellinger Auditorium appearance dashed – students told to reapply with particularized explanation of costs involved.  Question raised of how much “notable” speakers of Clarke’s ilk typically paid.




A.         No January fiscal activity, thus no Treasurer’s report.


B.         Bill Brown slated to handle February 4, 2005 ACLU-IL conference call.   Call is regarding organization of state meeting to brainstorm state ACLU response to last elections and anticipated heightened attack on civil liberties.   Meeting will be held in Champaign-Urbana; Bill will clarify date.


C.         ACLU student chapter’s high school committee, led by Maeve, wanting to do high-school presentations.  Committee revamping program in wake of feedback from Springfield-area high school presentations.  Discussion of various ways to expand and/or help high school outreach:  (1) Check national ACLU website for ideas,  (2) Check state office and national office for materials and give-aways, (3) Check high schools for whether any old ACLU-provided materials still in evidence.


D.         No Josh; no law school chapter report.





New Business


A.         Champaign Citizens Advisory Board report - There is new interest in  Champaign Police Department and  State’s Attorney’s office in use of “station adjustments” for disposition of certain juvenile offenses; minority Champaign Police Department recruitment efforts underway; Champaign Police Department undergoing sensitivity training regarding racial issues.


B.         Champaign County Juvenile Justice Issues Forum group meetings progressing; next meeting February 11, 2005 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at Parkland College.


C.         Champaign-Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice “Forgiveness Weekend: Double Jeopardy or New Beginning”: Friday February 18th and 19th, 2005.


D.         Spring Meeting plans underway.  Bill will send “save the date” card in next week or two; more detail provided in newsletter following March chapter meeting.  Dick Durbin scheduled to speak; meeting will be a brunch.   Rachel and Ward handling menu.


E.         Esther and Bill have list of potential new steering committee members.   Bill will contact the three or four familiar to the committee to ascertain interest.  Question raised of possible greater minority committee membership and how to achieve it.


F.         Nominating Committee proposes following slate of ‘05 officers:

                                    President:                     Rachel Dietkus

                                    Vice-President:              Susan Cohen

                                    Treasurer:                      Ward Henson

                                    Secretary:                     Shirley Stillinger


G.         Award Committee solicits input for possible ’05 awards.  Remember:

                                    Chalmers:             Service to the Community

                                    Stone:               Lifetime Service

                                    Norton: Service to the Chapter

            Prior recipients are listed on chapter website.  Possibility raised of Champaign-Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice as a recipient of the Chalmers award.





There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. by motion made, seconded and approved.


Respectfully submitted,




Kristin R. Solberg