Of Champaign County

April 6, 2006


Present:  Ward Henson, Paul Wisovaty, Stan Levy, Esther Patt, Richard Schnuer, Steve Shoemaker, Kristin Solberg, Susan Cohen, Colin Bishop.

Absent with notice:  Gary Peters, Shirley Stillinger, Rachael Dietkus, Allan Levy, Roger Clark, Jay Rosenstein.

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. 


Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of March, 2006 were approved.



Planned Parenthood is interested in sponsoring Reverend Susan Thistlethwaite, President, Chicago Theological Seminary.   Do we want to collaborate/cosponsor?


Lea Bartlett from the State ACLU will speak at the YMCA Friday Forum on Reproductive Rights.



A.   Treasurerís Report:  Ward presented the draft Annual Treasurerís Report.   Total cash on hand as of April 23, 2006:   $3,103.07.


B.   Student Chapter:  Colin Bishop discussed UI parental notification of students issued drinking tickets.  Potential conflict in this practice and student code indicating parental notification will not occur in that circumstance.    Pointed out students are being ticketed under state law rather than city ordinance.    Discussion had of difference in administrative policy of directing police method of ticketing and administrative policy in parental notification.


Discussion of Irish Illini, which had RSO status removed for email list serve distribution of drink specials for Irish Illini members during Unofficial St. Patrickís Day celebration.


C.   Law School Chapter: No report.


D.   The Illinois Chapter:   Stan reported:

Chicago office is anxious for feedback on the new format of the ACLU Brief.   Quarterly newsletter user-friendly?  

            Chicago office disgruntled with National ACLUís refusal to provide state chapter email addressees of state membership, needed by state chapter for state legislative contact.

            State Chapter honoring Dick Durbin. 

            State Chapter anxious for good Annual Summit turnout.


New/Continuing Business:

A.   CPD Police Compliant Procedures.   Report to Human Rights Commission imminent.   There may be a new way of dealing with citizen complaints about police behavior.

B.    A new Juvenile DOC is coming this summer.  

C.    The Juvenile Justice Initiative may meet in the next few months.

D.    Annual Meeting plans are well underway.   Notification will be made of the $5 price-quote error and message made to those who registered asking them to pay the increment.


Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Kristin R. Solberg for Shirley Stillinger